Through the Clutter

Navigating the complexities of digital strategy for your brand or clients can be overwhelming. Join Winsight’s resident digital nerds, Tara Tesimu and Kayley Bogdan, as they talk about how to cut through the clutter of rapidly changing digital initiatives and marketing tactics and share best practices for crafting a smart, sophisticated digital strategy that will drive results without driving you crazy.

Capitalizing on Opportunity

As the foodservice and beverage industry finds its footing in the wake of the pandemic, operators and retailers are hungrier than ever for solutions to help them streamline operations, recruit and retain staff and address changing industry regulations. In this episode, Peter Romeo, VP of Content Innovation and RB’s Editor-at-Large, joins Tara and Kayley to discuss how brands can position themselves as industry partners and solutions providers to foodservice operators and capitalize on this momentum.

Creating a Landing Page that Converts

Most growth-minded marketers are focused on driving qualified traffic to their websites. But how can brands engage and nurture users once they’re there? The answer lies in creating a landing page that converts. Dustin Miller, VP of Marketing at Mobility Quotient, joins Kayley and Tara to share UX and design best practices marketers need to know to get users to take the next step.

The Return of Live Events

As in-person events return and peers across industries come back together, what should event organizers expect? How can digital marketing adapt to maximize this opportunity? Chris Keating, Winsight’s head of conferences, joins Tara and Kayley to talk about what Winsight’s return to live events has looked like and share best practices.

Leading Through Crisis

Because of the pace of change and innovation in digital, strong leadership is critical to the success of digital marketing teams—but leadership looks different now in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrea Scott McCluskey, Winsight’s EVP, Talent & Culture, joins Tara and Kayley to discuss how to effectively lead, enable and empower your team during times of crisis.

Smart Social

A smart social-media strategy is a digital marketing must-have. Taylor Kasper, Winsight’s social expert, joins Tara and Kayley to discuss tips and insights for building your brand’s social presence and leveraging it in your marketing initiatives.

The Agility Quotient

A digital strategy needs to be relevant and timely—and so does your website. Mobility Quotient CEO Nick Sonpal joins Tara and Kayley in this episode to discuss how tackle your digital presence and messaging when things are changing quickly.

Pivoting in Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Chris Keating, Winsight’s group president of foodservice media and events, joins Tara and Kayley in this episode as they discuss how to smartly and sensitively pivot your digital strategy to support the foodservice industry in their time of crisis.

The Why

A successful digital initative will always be built starting with why. What are you hoping to accomplish? What will success look like? When you ‘start with why’ you can take a more strategic approach in selecting, executing and optimizing tactics that will achieve your goals.

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